This song was written for a very special man. Almost 10 years ago he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, which has, bit by bit, taken away the control he has over his body... Yet he's never let it take his mind. Consistently positive and finding he joy in life and things to be thankful for, Simon is one of my heroes. One of the things he finds a big loss is that he up is unable to sing any more... The fact that he is unable to sing his worship to God is something that he's had to come to terms with, yet the way he lives his life is testament to the beautiful worship that continues inside of him. Just because he is unable to express it in a way he is used to does not mean that it stops from happening in the quiet of his heart. This song is an expression of the worship I see coming from him, regardless of whether or not that sound can be heard by human ears. And it's a beautiful sound indeed!

This was a very special song, with contributions from 11 different musicians and 2 artists, all friends and family members of Simon, who wanted to honour him with this project.

All proceeds from the sale of this song will be donated to Motor Neurone Disease Association.

For each copy sold of ‘There’s A Lot Going on Inside’ by Rebecca Beese, 100% of the proceeds (a minimum of £00.49) will be paid to the Motor Neurone Disease Association*, registered charity number 294354. *Paid to Motor Neurone Disease (Sales) Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of the Motor Neurone Disease Association to which it gives all of its profits.

Songs are musical stories. They all say something more than just the lyrics and they are all born out of conversations, experiences, hopes and dreams. A lot of the songs I write are for specific people walking particularly difficult paths. People who walk through the valley of the shadow of death and resolutely hold on to Jesus in order to get through them are an utter inspiration to me. When you talk with those who have faced the unbearable and have come through with a deeper and firmer revelation of who God is you can’t help but be encouraged, inspired and full of admiration. And while I’d never want to walk what they’ve faced, there is a part that craves their revelation. So, many of these songs are actually the stories of my own experiences of life so far and have been inspired by those heroes of the faith that I’ve been privileged to walk with over the past several years. For those songs, I have written a brief account of how and why the song was written, maybe one of these stories will be similar to your own!

Why 'The Stories So Far?'

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