TRACK FIVE                      

Where You Are

The Story: I was talking with a friend I hadn’t seen for years and years. She is a young widow with two small children. She was saying that despite still desperately missing and loving her husband, she found God in such a way and He changed her so dramatically that she is now so grateful for who He has made her though all the hurt and pain she walked. Although she would have him back in a heartbeat, she doesn’t regret or resent the pain because of the treasure of God she found in that walk. She is a completely transformed person and wouldn’t want to be who she was before she had to walk the terrible path she did. I said I couldn’t get my head around that and she very compassionately said she didn’t expect me to. What God had revealed to her through that time was so profound that it almost wasn’t possible for someone who hadn’t walked it to understand. That conversation went deep with me and I started thinking about her walk and all she’d said and wrote her this song.

The Song:

To have loved and have lost

It was worth every part of the cost of knowing you

Now here there are tears

Mixing with laughter from all of the years of loving you

Now I know exactly where you are

You're dancing all round heaven's throne

With a smile like none that has ever lit up your face before

I know where you are

I know where you are

Though now there is pain

I still love you all the same

And always will

And I can't put a price

On all of your love and care and advice

That still remains

You're singing holy, mighty

Worthy, glory


The Band

Thank You