The list of thanks is pretty much endless, but here goes.

Russ Beese, my wonderful husband and best friend who so often came in from a long day at work and totally took over putting the kids to bed so I could drive down to the studio. Never complaining, always supporting and releasing me, there really isn't any way I could have done this without you.

Mum and dad – all those hours and hours of music lessons you paid for, all that sitting and waiting around in the car. All the battles to make me practice and craft my gift… I'm sure there are times when it would have been very easy to let me just give up, but you persevered, seeing something in me that I didn't always see myself, and now I am reaping the joy of all your hard work! All the encouragement and opportunities you have given me over the years have been key in what I am able to do now. Love you guys.

To the band, who gave so many evenings and late nights and Harun for your brilliant guidance and pulling me back into reality rather than letting me get 'lost in music', you have all poured yourselves out, believing in this project.

Rob Aldridge, who is virtually the band manager! He organised rehearsals, booked venues and basically got us all organised and moving! I really don't think this project would have got off the ground if he hadn't kept us all going!

Jon Pratchett, for all your prep and technical skills – you are always so willing to help out.

Stephen Crockford for all your time and skill with the photography and pulling the images together. It was fun developing creative ideas together,

Dave & Sue Cathie, who heard God and were prepared to give so generously to make this happen in the first place.

To everyone who ever asked if I had anything recorded, or encouraged me to record -  you gave me the confidence to get this project off the ground.

To all the people who were so open in sharing their lives and experiences and inspired so many of the songs. You are true heroes of the faith. There have been some journeys that have been fraught with trials that I cannot even begin to imagine. How you have walked through them has been inspirational.

Finally, to my God, who gave me the gift of music, an endless medium of expression and connection, for which I will be eternally grateful… and I chose to pour it all back to you.

Thank You

REBECCA BEESE                      


The Band

Thank You