TRACK TEN                    

He Is Mine

The Story: A couple of years ago I signed up to 5in5, a part of a song writing group that had to write, record and upload a new song a day for 5 days. It was an extreme exercise in song writing that forced you to actually finish a song, rather than get ¾ of the way through and never finish (I don't know how many I have like that, but it's possible 50 or so!). It was to train yourself to push on through writers' block and find the end of the song. When I signed up I was expecting to produce a 1970s style church chorus each day. Simple, maybe 10 lines and very repetitive. I did not set my sights high at all! However, I found that I was writing long songs with bridge sections and very different styles. They were some of the best things I'd ever written with lyrics I'd never experimented with before and fresh sounds. This was one of them, I'd been thinking about Romans 8v38 and how strong a conviction Paul had and this is what resulted.

The Song:

Your promise is true,

It never fails

Your word stands firm,

Through all the ages

My Rock and my anchor,

You stand firm through the storm

And hold me fast

I am His and He is mine

I am His and He is mine

Nothing will ever separate us

No thing can ever separate us

He is mine

Your word is just,

It holds up the broken

And breathes new life to weary bones

My shield and my fortress,

With you my heart is safe

You hold me fast

No thing on this earth

No thing down below

Not the highest of heights

Nor the lowest of lows

Not past present or future

Not death nor life

Can separate me from your love


The Band

Thank You